Ketogenic Diet?

Friday, July 11, 2014

We started Paloma on the ketogenic diet on May 19th. I had to fight against the neurologist to make it happen because he prefers to give meds over diet.  It is an extremely high fat diet and every single thing has to measured out.  It has been a challenge to keep up with for sure.  Gone are the days when I was in a hurry and I could just mix together banana and a jar of baby food for her dinner.  Now everything has to be carefully planned out.  While I have tried to make it as healthy as possible it still feels like it's not enough.  Her diet mostly consists of avocado, butter, cream, coconut oil, liver, chicken, eggs, very little fruit and vegetables.  I am also giving cod liver oil and probiotics.  She is still on keppra and we are slowly weaning phenobarbital.   I've just recently begun to read about the Gaps diet and I am leaning more towards it. I have met two other Dravet parents recently that have used Gaps/CBD exclusively to treat their Dravet daughters.  There are foods I can't give Paloma on Keto that I would really like her to be having, like fresh juice.  I think I will wean the ketogenic diet in the next month or so.  In the mean time I am going to start prepping for Gaps. 

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