Saturday, August 9, 2014

My prayer lately has been that some of Paloma's seizures would stop without use of powerful drugs.  They make her extremely grumpy and they are highly addictive.  If we keep having to use them I know we won't be able to lessen the amount of pharmaceutics she is on.  It seems to be a vicious cycle.  She already had a seizure on Tuesday that required Valium so I hoped and prayed we could make it without having to give more at least this week.  It's the little victories.  Another DS mom told me I should try Eucalyptus oil to try and stop a seizure.  Eucalyptus is an oil that is always listed on the don't use for epilepsy list but I figured it couldn't hurt to try it if she was already having one.  So this morning she started having one of her new seizures (blinking, facial twitching) so I immediately grabbed the new oil and put a few drops in my hand and cupped it over her nose and sure enough it stopped after only a few minutes.  It was such a relief knowing we didn't have to give Valium.  This is the first time we have gotten to see how she is after a seizure that has stopped on it's own.  She was very tired but quickly came back to being herself.  The Valium takes days to leave her system.  On that note I along with another DS mom created a group to talk about using natural alternatives for treating Dravet.  If you are a DS parent and interested please join.

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