Monday, August 18, 2014

Paloma's seizures are increasing.  We haven't had seizure free week in a couple of months.  I'm thankful that they are stopping with the help of essential oils but I'm going mad trying to figure out the cause.  They are all in the morning, normally while playing. They are I believe absence seizures, blinking, face twitching, loss of consciousness.  She normally takes a nap afterwards and then goes back to being her normal self.  I'm thinking it could be from gaps diet foods, phenobarbital wean, teething or perhaps over stimulation.  I ordered some eye patches as recommended by other DS parents to place over one eye to see if that helps reduce the stimulation.  It's hard to tell when you are changing so many things at once. I still have faith that we are on the right path and I continue to pray that we will know where to turn next in her healing.  She is getting so big.  She has taken a few steps by herself but otherwise seems content crawling everywhere. 

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