Monday, September 22, 2014

So instead of packing and cleaning I've been glued to the computer every spare chance I get researching Utah.  I've looked into the usual things I look into for any place I think we might be moving.  Are backyard chickens allowed (a dream of mine), is there a community garden, yoga, libraries, Indian restaurants, churches. I think we might try a Presbyterian one this time around.

 This move I've also had to research neurologist, CBD laws, pediatricians who are ok with not vaccinating.   I know the whole vaccination issue is divisive and I have don't feel the need to go there but here is my short take on it.  My healthy baby at five months old had her first seizure a few days after a PCV vax.  She had no fever. So her first seizure was not a response to fever induced by the vaccine as some would have me believe.  I believe it was the vaccine itself.  That"s what my motherly instinct tells me and it hasn't been wrong yet.  Would she have gone on to develop DS if I had never vaccinated her?  I will never know.  All I know is I need a doctor who understands that.

Anyway, we are going to pursue buying a house, if all works out.  It's a huge, scary risk for any military family.  I've always wanted my own house.  Always.  Like since I was a kid.  But, I also want to make the wisest decision.  Its a big deal.  While Utah has some killer home prices, many of the homes themselves are pretty uninspiring.  Here is what I have learned from looking at houses in Utah so long that my eyeballs hurt.  

1. People don't like old, charming houses. 2. They are awfully outdated (shag carpet, wood paneling) think Napoleon Dynamite. 3. They are very close together, leaving very little privacy.  4. Homes that are all cute and vintage on the outside are totally redone with crappy new cabinets and granite this and that inside.  

But they are cheap.  My prayer has been that God would prepare for us the right house.  So here is my prayer.  A house that is affordable, has a fireplace (Utah's cold), a room for a garden, a little privacy in the backyard, hardwood floors, safe, a walkable neighborhood. That it will be a place of peace and respite after such a hard few years.  I don't need a huge house. In face I have always loved small houses.  Maybe because I grew up in one.  Here is what I imagine in my mind.  I know my most important task is making sure Paloma gets what she needs, but a girl can dream. Good night! 

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  1. I love it. Don't give up on those dreams.....dwell in that happy hope pool. Love ya girl.