We made it!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Just a quick update. After a very long drive we finally made it to Utah.  After years of praying and dreaming about leaving Virginia we are seeing our prayers answered.  It feels like life is finally starting for us.  We found a house, the first one we looked at.  It had everything we prayed for.  It's kinda freaky and surreal to see your prayers answered in such a real way.  As for church, we had multiple signs leading us to this certain church.  Our realtor happens to be the associate pastor, and our good friend from Virginia attended there.  It also happens to be the church I sort of made fun of in earlier post in a long rant about how I hated modern churches and wanted nothing more to do with them.  God's funny like that.  We went today and it was amazing and years of prayers about attending a church like this.  We are very excited to be here finally.  It's beautiful and people are super friendly.  This place is better than I could every imagined.  As for Paloma she is two weeks seizure free today.  A huge accomplishment.  We are on cloud nine and enjoying it while it last. 

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