Cannabis oil update

Saturday, December 27, 2014

We started the oil a little over two weeks ago. Since doing so Paloma has had an increase in the morning seizures she has that require rescue meds.  She normally has small absence seizures during the week that stop on their own. She hasn't had any of those. The other day she had one that lasted an hour.  We finally had to give rescue meds to stop it. Those ones are tricky becuase it's hard to tell if she is still seizing or in a postictal state.  I decided to stop the oil after that one.  But the last two mornings I've been awakened by seizures.  Not sure what's going on.  December has been a hard month for Dravet.  A little girl named Ruby lost her battle with Dravet on Christmas Eve.  So we are starting another high CBD oil next week.  This new one I will know exactly how much to dose vs the other one I was sort of guessing. I'm hoping it is worth the effort and expense we've had to go through to get it. On a happier note Paloma has been singing her abc's all week.  Even when full of valium she tires to sing.  It's sad but gives me hope that she is still developing somewhat normally.  I'll continue to give updates on the new oil. 

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