The begining of the garden...

Friday, February 6, 2015

The garden space at the house we just bought was one of the deciding factors for me.  I've wanted my own garden for so long.  Moving every few years doesn't allow you to ever really gain fulfillment as a gardener. Every time it seemed I had finally figured out the soil type and what grows well it was time to up an leave.  The land I planted in was never mine.  I planted Jasmine in Italy and it was just starting to take over our yard when we left.  I often think about it and hope someone else is getting to enjoy the scent. 

Our yard was pretty trashed when we got here.  The garden area itself is overrun with mint, weeds, old boards and other random rubbish.  I'm slowly trying to clear it out.  I'm finding a ton of worms.  A welcome sight for any gardener.

The weather here has been beautiful and feels like spring already.  The previous owner left us a lot of mess to clean up in the yard. Random piles of trash and brush. But we are up for the challenge.  It feels good to work hard on something that is ours.  

We are hoping to visit family in Hawaii in April so I won't be able to start too much from seed this year.  I'm planning on growing the things we like to eat most.  Kale, tomatoes, lettuce, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, peppers, beets, radishes etc.  I'll post updates often.  

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