Write on...

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I sent in another one of my poems to a literary magazine I read. It was rejected. I sent one in last year and it was rejected as well. I know that to be a writer you have to learn to deal with a great amount of rejection. I have a friend that's been rejected hundreds of times.  But it's hard not to take personal.  My rejection letter was better this time .  Last time it said something like, sorry this work isn't for us. This latest one said they had to make some tough decisions about what could fit in and I should keep sending in submissions. 

 I have thought maybe writing is a waste of my time.  I'm not brilliant.  I'm not incredibly well read.  I tend to read and reread the handful of my favorite writers and poets.  Maybe I suck at writing? What the hell do I have to write about anyway? But then I think, I can't stop writing. I've tried.  I can go years without writing but eventually words will come to me and beckon me to write them down.  So I guess I will plod on.  Waking up early, staying up too late to write.

Ernest Hemingway has that great line, 

"Write clear and hard about what hurts."

So last night I started writing about Selah's accident. I thought I must be doing something right because I couldn't finish.  It was too hard, too raw still. Images, sounds, smells too fresh in my memory. But, I'm going to keep going there and see where it takes me. I'm going to keep sending my piddly little poems in and maybe no one will ever want to publish them anywhere.  Maybe I do stink but I will write on regardless. 


  1. Keep writing and keep sending things out. Don't let them get you down.

  2. you dont stink, youre lovely JRR