Early May Garden update

Monday, May 4, 2015

So the three weeks away did wonders for the garden. The day after we got back even though I was exhausted I couldn't wait to get my first garden underway.  It's pretty much all I thought about in Hawaii and especially Portland with all its lovely houses and gardens. Being that this is my first real garden I'm just relying on intuition and the little knowledge I have.  I tried to lay things out with watering in mind but I'm sure I probably overcrowded some stuff together. I know I've made some mistakes.

I placed straw over the sensitive plants and walkways.
Here is my permanent bed.  I put all my herbs in here.  I'm thinking maybe next year this whole garden might just be herbs then I'll do raised beds in the front for everything else. I've got sage, rosemary, bee balm, lavender, chamomile so far.
Here is my squash and cucumber vines.  I planted spaghetti squash which I've never grown before. 

 Here is my leafy green area.  I planted the kale and chard back in March. The other day I added spinach and lettuce. 
This area gets full sun so I put the tomatoes here.  I chose plants that don't get too big so I didn't use cages, there so expensive and I'm trying to keep this cheap as possible. All the wood planks were in our yard and the mulch and compost are from our local dump.  I did have to buy starter plants since we were gone so long during seedling time. 

 This is my bean teepee.  I can't wait to see it all covered.

After years of scrolling through blogs, flickr and instagram with envy it feels so good to finally have my own little patch of dirt.  I can't to see how my efforts now pay off in the future.  In the front I have a few raised beds with various potatoes and I'll plant corn once it gets warmer here.  In the evening when David gets home I immediately escape out back. It really is the best feeling.   


  1. I love your bean teepee - so cute! And how awesome that you used so many reclaimed materials - gardening is wonderful, but it can get expensive if you don't watch out. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!