I celebrate with you, my Christian response

Monday, June 29, 2015

There has been so much written on last weeks decision to legalize gay marriage. I'm not sure why I wanted to add my Christian perspective to that mix. I'm not a famous blogger, I'm not well educated and I've almost fallen away from my faith more times than I can count. But even still, I had to weigh in.  Surprisingly, my Facebook feed has been calm with only the occasional comment on how Obama is leading us all straight to hell and this is just further evidence of American's moral degradation. To which I always think, Oh please, this country is just as corrupt as it ever was. 

 When I want to be reminded of the ugliness in the world, and yes sometimes I wish that upon myself I read the comments on my hometown news. It never fails that some hick is spewing hate left and right. Whether it's about that damn flag, or that crazy ass white kid and sure enough gay marriage.  The comments this week have been unloving to say the least and of course its all said supposedly in the name of Christ. 

I'm not going to make an argument for why I think gay marriage should have been made legal.  Whats done is done and many have said it far better than I ever could. 

 As a Christian I'm celebrating along with my gay friends this week and my only hope is that they know not all Christians are weeping and wailing from this decision.  Its easy from afar to disagree with homosexuality. It gets a little more complicated when you know and love someone who is gay.  When you get to know their struggles and burdens, when you come to the realization they didnt choose to be this way anymore than I chose to be a white girl.  Many will not agree with that statement. I wonder have they ever really loved a gay person?

While having a heated discussion on this subject once with my Christian sister I asked her if she had actually ever know a gay person.  Well, um no, is all she said.  I'm thankful to now belong to a church that welcomes homosexuals and not in that non denominational way of, yes your welcome but we are gonna have to change you. At my church they have a safe place to worship without fear.  As a Christian I think that is important. Many will also disagree with this statement.

Many will say I'm not truly a Christian because I don't hold fast to those few little lines in the bible.  The bible is full of things I don't understand.  I've often wondered why we don't emphasize other little sections of the bible and make those our standing grounds.  Lines about giving away all we own to the poor.  But those lines are just theoretical examples I've been told.  But I'm done having theological debates in my head.  I know what I believe and yes sometimes it contradicts the bible and I'm ok with that now. But that's another subject altogether. 

So yes, to all my gay friends please know that there are Christians celebrating right along with you this week.   

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