June/summer/garden update*

Monday, June 15, 2015

I love summer.  I'm trying to enjoy every little moment.  It's not easy keeping all three kids entertained.  We don't get out much with Paloma. If we go anywhere it's normally in the early morning. It's already pretty hot and the heat can be too much for her.The kids have been home with me all year and its wearing on all of us.  Next year Selah and Stella are both going to amazing charter schools.  I'm ready for them to get the intellectual and social stimulation that they've been lacking from me. 

  I try and get out to the garden every morning and evening. I've given up on weeding. It's a lost cause.  It seems like it's growing at a snails pace.  In Virginia this time last year I already had tomatoes ready to eat.  Such is life, my patience grows thin waiting on tomatoes and school to start.  But, this little garden, a realization of a long awaited dream, has been a blessing and peaceful refuge. 

 My leafy greens are really coming along.

My peas are barely surviving the heat

I've got tiny green tomatoes 

Corn in raised beds?  Hoping they continue to grow.

My tomatoes on the side of the house are doing much better.  

My permanent herb bed.  I made an herbal hand salve for neighbors last week with my own herbs.

My favorite little chicken Alice Walker.

Lazy summer mornings.

 My VW Van/Truck.  I have this dream of making this my garden/farm truck and I'd drive around helping people start gardens.  Someday! 

 Thanks for reading!


  1. Your garden looks lovely! And your truck -- wow -- what a great idea/dream. I am going to send that hope out into the universe for you!

  2. I love it! And I love your dream!!! When that dream starts to happen, let me know. I need serious help. I've always wanted a vegetable/herb garden, but I have *such* a black thumb. :)