Sept Update

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Paloma started the ketogenic diet a little over a month ago.  So far the transition has been pretty easy except that it has caused insomnia. So we are back to getting very little sleep.  Going against the advice of the dietitian who wanted to add in another med for sleep I've gone against keto rules and been giving her a small snack of butternut squash right before bed.  So far it helps keep her asleep but doesn't help her fall asleep.  We have sort of created a monster as far as bedtime routines go and it is becoming more and more apparent the older she gets. We still have to go through a whole ordeal just to get her to go to sleep at night which often includes driving her around or her screaming for upwards of an hour.  Its like having a newborn still in some regards.  All I can think of is I hope to God it gets better and we can look back on these days as the really hard years. I can't not sleep for my whole life.  I'm reading up on all the how to get your toddler to sleep methods.  

Back to the diet, it seems to be helping.  I hate it, measuring and not being able to feed her a lot of fruits and vegetables goes against most everything I've come to believe about nutrition. But I can't deny that it's working. Her "shifty" eye thing she does has almost completely disappeared.  She just went 6 weeks without a seizure which is kinda huge. She has never gone that long before.  We are still weaning keppra but I'm taking it very slowly.  I wish I could snap my fingers and get her off this crap for good.  It will likely take me a close to a year at the speed I'm going.  


  1. What a little doll she is! This is such good news, and I hope you can continue to see success with the diet. Have you ever used melatonin for sleep for her?

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! Yes I use it off and on with her and I use it myself nightly to shut my brain off. Sometimes it seems to help but most of the time it doesn't. Most nights she sleeps through the night its just the getting her to sleep part. She is still totally dependent on us to soothe and comfort her to sleep and she still sleeps with us.