Saturday, November 14, 2015

Lately, I feel the like the beginning of a Hoarders episode, where you see the slow unraveling of someone's life.  There's a moment when you go, Oh that's why they're all fucked up.  I see it before me, but there's nothing I can do to make it stop.

He says, "All your favorite movies are about women running away."

I wake in the middle of the night in a panic and think, what if I never get to see New York City.

Some days I think I'll run up to the first person I see and kiss them just to see if I can still feel at all.

Three faces look up to me for comfort, food and spiritual direction.

And I am lost, I'm down here and I can't figure out how to rise back up.

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  1. I'm out here, witnessing and abiding with you. I am sorry that you're depressed. Hang on.