Thanks Mr Sandburg!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Every once in awhile the universe throws me a bone.  It's no secret its been a stressful, rough few months where my mind is consumed with thoughts of increasing seizures, our serious lack of funds and how all this junk will affect my other two kids.

I stumbled on American Master's tonight on my Roku, taking a break from my new found favorite show The X-Files and decided to watch the Carl Sandburg episode.  My mother had a postcard painting of him pinned up in our house my whole life.  I've always known the name.  I read him here and there in my American literature classes but didn't know much about his life.

He had three girls also. As I'm watching, the person being interviewed said his oldest daughter Margret suffered...I knew she was going to say seizures. I mouthed the word before it was even spoken.  My ears perked up and I thought how the hell does Carl Sandburg deal with this same situation I've been placed in?

Since they were confined to the house much of the time because of the seizures he created wildly imaginative stories and worlds for his daughters to get lost in.

"Since his eldest daughter Margaret was diagnosed with epilepsy which had no cure, Sandburg was even more determined to make stories to keep him and her from thinking about her epilepsy. In Rootabaga Stories there is no evil, witches, or death. No one in Rootabaga County ever gets hurt or dies because Sandburg did not want to see any more death or sadness."

What a beautiful thought which has shaped my way of thinking the past year as well.  There is already so much suffering and sorrow in the world, in my own house, how can I live without contributing to it? This thought has renewed my vegetarianism among other things.  

So many times the kids ask me to draw with them around our kitchen table and I'm just too busy. I'm not really busy, but I'm escaping my world the only way I know how. Facebook, Pintrest, the news, which is always terrible, staying busy with household chores.  Now I'm inspired to sit down and  create imaginative stories with my three daughters.  Next time they ask me to sit down, I'm going to throw off my business and see what happens. Thanks Mr Sandburg!  

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  1. As my friend Carrie Link says, "There are no accidents."