Land of Enchantment...

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

If you've known me for any length of time you're probably sick of hearing about my love of all things southwest. Long before I knew about the many artist connections and overall cool vibe of New Mexico I wanted to live there.  Maybe it was my parents obsession with all things Billy the Kid, maybe it was watching Raising Arizona a million times as a kid.  I just knew I wanted to live in the desert. There was something other worldly about the landscape. 

 My mother had a picture and quote of Georgia O'keeffe pinned on the wall of her beauty shop below the phone on the wall. I read it every day for years never giving much thought to who she was.  Once I found out of course like many I was mesmerized and knew New Mexico was the place for me. 

While in technical school in the Air Force we were allowed to pick which bases we would like to be stationed at.  My first three picks were all in New Mexico, even the dreaded assignment of Cannon, always voted one of the worst places to get. I didn't care as long as it was in New Mexico.  I ended up in Vegas and it worked out well but I never forgot about New Mexico. In fact I've tried every way possible to get us there but it just never worked out.  When my husband told me he wanted to get out of the military last year I never even thought New Mexico was possible because of the lack of his industry there.  

When it became clear recently that Paloma needed access to whole plant cannabis and Utah would likely never grant us that access, I knew we had to leave our home here in Utah for somewhere with better cannabis laws. We set our sights on the Pacific Northwest but the cost of living and distance from my family made me secretly hope it wouldn't work out.  As fate would have it, David got a call about a job in Albuquerque about a month ago. Nothing was for sure,  but we forged ahead and put our faith into this move hoping everything would work out.  We sold our house, rented a house in Albuquerque, signed the kids up for new schools all without knowing for sure if he had a job.  Some would say that's crazy and some of you did say that, but I had peace knowing things would work. Peace is not normally my go to emotion.  Maybe it's because I felt like the universe was starting to not hate me, maybe because I felt a little spark that God was still a possibility.  I don't know?

On our way to Utah a year and half ago we stopped off in Albuquerque for a quick lunch.  Sitting outside of Whole Foods eating lunch that day I wanted to cry.  I didn't want to leave.  I took a picture and thought, someday I'll be back. (The house we are renting is down the street from that WF!) 

There's something to be said for hanging on to dreams.  You just never know.  

A line from my 18 year old self's journal : New Mexico seemed like as good a place as any to start over. 

P.S. I know NM won't be perfect.  It looks like their governor is actually against medical marijuana. Weird! But its my dream so don't rain on my parade.  And David is also happy about it and I can get what I need for Paloma without having to look over my shoulder every second hoping I don't end up in jail.   


  1. I`m just so happy for you Lindsay, I love to read your blog . Always like your outlook into the future and your positive take of the past.

  2. Oh, hooray and yay! You are going to love it, I'm sure, and you're that much closer to California! Also, you must visit one of my best friend -- Tanya Ward Goodman's -- strange and wonderful museum where she grew up with her artist father. It's called Tinkertown, and it's just outside of Albuquerque. Tanya has an amazing book called Leaving Tinkertown that you should buy and read, too. So, happy move and happy settling in. I can't wait to hear about all your adventures. May this truly be a blessed move and beginning for all of ya'll.

    1. Thank you! That book looks right up my alley.