A long overdue update...

Thursday, March 2, 2017

I'm on break from school this week so I thought I would do an actual Dravet Syndrome update for anyone that actually reads this thing still.  I vividly remember trying to find any glimmer of hope that first year of seizures and how much Charlotte's Figi's story inspired me. I've been taking a much needed social media break and it's been very peaceful.  I briefly look at Instagram in the morning and have my  Facebook deactivated unless I need to ask something in one of my groups.  I realized I haven't done an actual update on Paloma since we moved.  (Please excuse my poor writing skills today. I've been writing papers for three months straight. I'm exhausted.) 

This past summer

We moved from Utah to New Mexico in June for several reasons but mostly because we needed access to legalized medical cannabis.  We fought to have it passed there but we were no match for the corrupt Mormon church coming out against the bill.  I don't miss Mormon land much to say the least.  

I immediately got Paloma's cannabis card when we arrived in Albuquerque. The law here on paper looks really great. I figured we'd easily stroll into any of the local dispensaries and get what we needed and all would be well with the world.  Of course it never quite works out like that.  After visiting nearly every dispensary between here and Santa Fe I realized no one knew anything about pediatric dosing and I was pretty much on my own (again). Armed with an empty bottle of high thc oil I'd been using to stop seizures, I asked around if anyone had anything similar or if they could make it for me.  Almost every place in town turned me away telling me they didn't know where to begin making this specific oil.  This thc oil by the way works to stop seizures 75% of the time.  On the rare occasion I do have to give nasal versed, I have to give a small amount. Before we left Utah we were up to 20 mgs and having to call 911 at least every other month.  The paramedics knew us all very well.  So I found one dispensary who agreed to make this thc oil for me from a specific strain called Blue Dream.  They first refused but a mutual cannabis friend who knows way more than I do on the subject called them on my behalf to tell them what I needed and how to make it.  It would be ready a week later they said.  Well two months later I finally got my hands on it and it was still in the sticky form (they didn't bother mixing it in MCT oil like I'd requested and they couldn't even tell me how many mg of thc was in it or how it was extracted. No lab reports in sight.  I bought it knowing I wouldn't be able to give it to her.  

We've tried several strains of local cbd without success and I finally gave up on getting what we needed here.  Six months ago I decided to try Haleigh's Hope which ships legally out of Colorado.  Paloma has responded well to it.  Her seizures are still occurring about once a week and sometimes once every two weeks but they are normally small seizures that stop on their own now.  I still use thc for rescue by placing a few drops in her cheek.  I have to get very creative in order to obtain the thc oil (don't ask)  

In most areas she is still on track developmentally. She needs help in maintaining attention so she will be starting speech therapy soon.  Our biggest obstacle right now is school.  We bought a house walking distance to a good school with a special needs preschool program.  I knew cannabis would be an issue, but I hoped since we are close I could walk over and give her cannabis when she has a seizure.  The school is refusing to let me dose her at school. They cannot understand why I will not consent to just using versed at school.  I've tried to present them with her progress these last few months. I have no doubt that her seizures are stopping on their own now because she has not been getting the versed at the same dose as before.  Versed makes her breathing get dangerously low, but they are worried about me running over and putting a few drops of oil in her cheek to stop a seizure?  We have an IEP meeting scheduled next week and honestly I don't know what will happen. I'm tired of fighting so part of me wants to just keep her home.  But I feel cheated and defeated.  She would love school and with the right circumstances, mainly a one on one aid, I think she would thrive.  

I have no regrets moving.  It's been somewhat lonely having to start over all again.  We still don't know a lot of people but it always takes me about a year to feel fully settled in a place. Paloma has improved so much that we almost feel normal again.  I go to the store and the park without fearing the worst most days.  Maybe it's the peace that comes with time too. I don't fear big seizures in public anymore.  I know if she has one I can pull out my legal cannabis and give it to her.  It's such a relief knowing I can medicate her without fear of being thrown in jail (for now anyway. Who knows what will happen with cannabis in the next four years, God help us.)   

A recent selfie


  1. I'm still reading here and am so happy to see this update about your adorable Paloma. Even here in California where everything is accessible and legal, it's difficult to do the dosing and constantly adjust and tinker, etc. I'm interested in your THC oil and why you think it's helping Paloma more than the CBD? We need to talk again, woman!

    1. Yes! Would love to talk again. I'm using Jayden's Juice THC only for stopping seizures or when her eye flutters get out of control which is few and far between these days. I think the combination of using that rather than versed plus the Haleigh's Hope has been a great combo for now. Hoping it last. :)